Hello World

Welcome to A World of WordPress Happenings. Not sure how else to put it but the fact of the matter is that there may not be a definitive WordPress world as we know it. This is what this website and forum is about and what we are trying to achieve; from all ends of the Hello WordPress World will be a long and happy road of discovery.

Fighting for resolve or just stuck between a rock and a hard space to get a theme reviewed? Share and share alike as we travel through the adventurous world of developers and WP team members, all working to make the WP (and Open Source) community a better place to thrive.

The emphasis on our discoveries should always focus on the Community aspect AND the Open(ness) Source aspect of what WP stands for—or what we want to achieve its standing is—as the key factor in our critiques and adventurous highlights of your experiences. In other words: please keep these factors in mind when you post content so that we can focus on how we can make things move better and move forward. there are endless possibilities and getting our heads out of the sand and working together is the first step to discovery.

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