[Sticky] Moving Forward  


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13/11/2017 3:03 am  

WordPress has come a long way and now we, as a world wide community, are experiencing vast changes in just about everything that happens between the WordPress Team members inside of the WP factory and what goes on outside of "their" world as devlopers continue to create great and useful applications and interfaces to this CMS.

We want everyone to be heard and to be heard correctly. Please try to manage you comments and suggestions as civil and intelligent as possible. Everyone of us are human but not all of us respect that, sometimes. So just be happy and don't worry about what someone may think of you or your role in the Open Source community. Be humble, be proud and most of all, be truthful.

Discovery is a vital part of any broader experience. We are here now and here in the beginning of a much needed roll-out of WordPress Enthusiasts and Developers alike. Once we have cracked this egg of resistance to cook up a meal worth serving to a Queen, we can say, "...hey, we did something this time." and not just sit back and watch the wheels spin around and around.

Have A Wonderful time