Simply not enough tools or resources for theme dev  


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13/11/2017 6:50 pm  

The tools needed to improve a developer's capabilities to speed up the process of having a theme approved are slowly growing but not growing fast enough to keep up with the ratio of authors to reviewers. there have been a couple of new tools that everyone should be aware of and hopefully others can share what they use or what they have found that helps get their theme passed to review board faster.

The best tools I have found yet is the NS-theme check. As apposed to the "regular" ThemeCheck---can't miss it, it's the second plugin on the plugins repo---which only checks for Theme Review Standards. NS-TC uses a much more in depth approach whereby it lists exactly which line of code and which page it is on which needs improvements. For newbies it might be a bit overwhelming and they will spend a lot of time looking for ways to sanitize printf and _x strings, etc. but, that in itself is a priceless experience for any developer.

Ref.: NS-Theme-Check a.k.a. theme sniffer on GitHub

Theme Sniffer plugin using sniffs. WordPress-Theme standard is used from WPTRT/WordPress-Coding-Standards.

Option 1: Easy

  • Download zip file. [Note: Please use this distribution plugin zip. GitHub provided zip will not work.]
  • Install this as you normally install a WordPress plugin
  • Activate plugin

Option 2: Nerdy

  • Clone this repo under wp-content/plugins/
  • Run composer install
  • Run npm install
  • Activate plugin