Upselling the Wrong Way  


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13/11/2017 5:02 pm  

If I see one more theme with the word “lite” in it….

There is getting to be a large trend of nagging and alerts, or as someone called it Admin page hi-jacking. Lots of, Please review, Donate, Upgrade to Pro offers. Colored markers showing up in the admin area that at first glance, makes you think you have a plugin needing updating, or correction. There is a proper and sane way to upsell. Let the user decide if the theme or plugin is good enough for them and leave a link to the promotion, prevalent-enough for them to decide. Sales is a wonderful art-form and can be convented in many ways. Have a bit of respect for users that are not savvy to WP characteristics. Car sales lots are now working on salary due to the pressure and up-selling they exhibited over the years. People just got tired of it an went somewhere else. So a change at is gonna need to happen in order to keep sanity to the admin panel.

People take advantage of this way. What I think about that is that there are not any good outlets to sale your wares which reach a large audience. Envato and TForest are filled with poorly coded themes and most people use Avada or Divi cause they heard it is great, but then run the other way when they try to configure it. Note: Some of this is good since it creates the option to hire a freelancer to fix or modify.

I prefer themes on because they are reviewed and checked for security. A big hurdle would be to screen for pro notices in admin, Customizer. Add an “About Us” theme options page is what I do. is NOT a market place. After all, reviews only allow a certain number of hard-coded links in the footer or Customizer. This could be ported forward on nag-ware messages or overbearingly broad "warning" panel alerts that never go away. I don't know how many themes and plugins do not RESPECT the `dismiss` action and bypass user friendly.

Maybe these are some of the finite things which trigger the behaviors at Worg. The whole thing is just too out of control for “volunteers” to fix and should be audited by a group of outsiders. So I’m all on board to remove promotional themers' bloatware. I never load anything on a clients site that has that crap. (gives me the opportunity to customize the theme the way the client wants it… not the way the theme author wants it.)