Plugin Ethanol Money Saver

  == Description == Using retail fuel prices, miles driven yearly, average fuel economy using E10 and get your amount spent on fuel and expected savings using Ethanol! Shortcode displays form on public side; admin can change change prices for all entries.

One Vital Aspect to Growing a Contributor Base

Think about it: if you were in a contributor’s place, how at ease would you feel with a project when your submission goes unnoticed for a couple of days? A week? Chances are, the longer it takes for maintainers to take notice of the submission, the lesser the chances that contributor will ever contribute to the project again, let alone stick around.

Hello World

Welcome to A World of WordPress Happenings. Not sure how else to put it but the fact of the matter is that there may not be a definitive WordPress world as we know it. This is what this website and forum is about and what we are trying to achieve; from all ends of the Hello WordPress World will be